From Brenda's Desk

I have three desks in our house but when I really get down to business, my notebook and I usually find our way to the dining room table.Oftentimes that is where the Words come.  There is just something so inspiring about all that space; so I make a temporary desk out of it   I guess we could have called this From Brenda’s Dining Room Table but then inspiration comes to me from a variety of settings.  The whole point is that it is my heart to and for you to pass on the truths and revelations the Lord has taught and given to me through His Word.

The Lord has given us a wealth of untapped riches in His Word although you and I have not always realized that He sent His Word to put us over in life.  He never intended for us to live way down under the circumstances of life.  For a long time that is how I saw God.  I saw Him as a great King in a huge gold chariot with a long reaching whip and I saw myself pulling, stumbling and staggering under the heavy weight of that chariot and I was all by myself. I loved the Lord but I could not understand why He asked things of me that I could not do.  The harder I tried the more miserably I failed.

Now, if you know the Word, you know that was farthest from the truth but I made my judgments about God by my experience and what people told me, not by the Word itself.

And then I found real hope when I discovered John 8:32 “If you continue in my Word then are ye my disciples indeed and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”  I realized the truth is:  if I stayed with it long enough and asked the Lord to show me, He would and He would show me in His Word.

I encourage you to let the nuggets you find strengthen and inspire you.  Begin with these mini-teachings, run the references and expand your search for the truth.  There is nothing that rivals God Himself revealing something to you through His Word. My prayer for you is that you begin to discover how much God really does love you.  He is faithful and His abundant provision is far above anything we can ask or think.

As the days pass I will be adding to the list so check them out.