Thousands of hours of time spent in prayer and study of the Word of God over the years has opened the doors for the Holy Spirit to pour out more and more fresh revelation of God’s heart that Brenda strives to bring to all her teaching. These truths help to provide a fundamental foundation for growth in the lives of believers in all stages of their walk with the Lord.

Not only does Brenda bring the spiritual revelations that God has given her, but she also provides practical evidence from her own life that are living examples of Romans 12:2…”…be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable and perfect will of God.” Coming from a background of a broken family at the age of five, the death of her father with whom she lived at the age of eight and a half, and then the four more ensuing sets of parental figures that followed, gave Brenda a unique and very unusual childhood. She has a powerful, personal testimony of physical, mental and spiritual healing that blesses the hearts and minds of those who learn from her teachings. She knows the meaning of “…the Truth shall make you free.”

She has been expounding on the Word of God for well over 30 years and teaches with growing revelation and a fresh anointing from the Holy Spirit that is keenly relevant for this day and age. Her teaching ministry began on the farm in rural Indiana when the Lord called her in His service to function as a spearhead for exposing the enemy and error by pinpointing the truth to the body of Christ. The ministry that God placed in her heart has grown from local Sunday school teaching, co-Pastoring, television broadcasting and on to the World Wide Web ministry. Her ministry aim is to teach the Word of God and arm the Body of Christ with the knowledge of who they are in Christ Jesus and faith in that Word and God who gave it.

Dale has had his share of difficult personal experiences. His mother died when he was a teenager. After graduating from high school, he served in the Army, but because of this father’s major heart attack had to return home to run the family farm. He well knows the challenges of farming with long hours and a great deal of arduous physical work. He has been instrumental in providing practical ministry to the Lord and the Body of Christ since his Christian walk began. He has served with wisdom on the board of Elders in several churches, as well as being gifted with hospitality, physical labors of love in building projects, bringing friendship and fellowship opportunities to various congregations in both Indiana and their current home in Missouri.

Brenda attended Hanover College in Indiana. She is an ordained minister and has been for some time. Because she has worn so many “hats” Brenda is often called the Teacher, the Lady Preacher and fondly called Pastor Brenda by many. Brenda has received her Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Wisdom and is currently enrolled in Wisdom University pursuing her Master's Degree in Biblical Wisdom.

As co-founders of Brenda Mantooth Ministries, Brenda, with Dale at her side, offers ministry, teaching, and prayer support in local PGFM meetings to a body of believers hungry for the Word of God who want to develop their walk with a marvelous God and Father. This website is an extension of these local meetings and this body of believers who are reaching out to touch the world to make available mini-teachings, as well as other audio/visual media. This is their joint partnership in action to be obedient to the Great Commission, to help in the preaching of the Gospel unto all the world. Be blessed as you search the pages of this website and we trust you will find truth and revelation that will speak to your individual circumstances.